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London is a relatively safe city, though crime does happen (more so than in New York City), especially in tourist meccas. If you need to report a theft or an attack, head to the nearest police station or dial 999 for police, fire, or ambulance (be prepared to give the telephone number you're calling from). National Health Service hospitals give free round-the-clock treatment in Accident and Emergency sections, where waits can be up to four hours, depending on the severity of your ailment or injury. If you are admitted to hospital for treatment, or referred to a hospital by a General Practitioner, as a non-EU foreign visitor you will be expected to pay for any treatment you receive before you leave the country. Prescriptions are valid only if made out by doctors registered in the United Kingdom. All branches of Boots are dispensing pharmacies.

Doctors and Dentists

Dental Emergency Care Service. 020/8748–9365; www.24hour-emergencydentist.co.uk.

Medical Express Clinic. 117A Harley St., Marylebone, London, W1G 6AT. 020/7499–1991; www.medicalexpressclinic.co.uk.

UCL Eastman Dental Hospital. 256 Gray's Inn Rd., King's Cross, London, WC1X 8LD. 020/3456–7899; www.uclh.nhs.uk.

Foreign Embassies

U.S. Embassy. In late 2016, if the construction of the new embassy building stays on schedule, the embassy is moving to a new location south of the river at Ponton Road, Battersea. The nearest underground station will be Vauxhall. 24 Grosvenor Sq., Mayfair, London, W1A 2LQ. 020/7499–9000; uk.usembassy.gov.

General Emergency Contacts

Ambulance, fire, police. 999; 112.

Hospitals and Clinics

Charing Cross Hospital. Fulham Palace Rd., Fulham, London, W6 8RF. 020/3311–1234; www.imperial.nhs.uk/charingcross.

Royal Free Hospital. Pond St., Hampstead, London, NW3 2QG. 020/7794–0500; www.royalfree.nhs.uk.

St. Thomas's Hospital. Westminster Bridge Rd., Lambeth, London, SE1 7EH. 020/7188–7188; www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk.

University College Hospital. 235 Euston Rd., Bloomsbury, London, NW1 2BU. 020/3456–7890; www.uclh.nhs.uk.


Samaritans. Counseling service. 116–123; www.samaritans.org.


Boots. 44–46 Regent St., Piccadilly Circus, London, W1B 5RA. 020/7734–6126; www.boots.com.


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