Ocean Cruising


Take one part cool ocean breezes. Add abundant amenities, unlimited dining, activities for every type of traveler and you’ve got a vacation magnifique! From ships the size of small cities, to boutique yachts for 10, ocean cruising offers experiences for every traveler.

As a Certified Ocean Cruise Expert, and an Accredited Cruise Counselor, I have experience and knowledge about ocean cruising and ocean cruise lines that many agents do not have. I am uniquely qualified to help you explore your options and help plan your next ocean cruise.

This agency has completed Advanced Ocean Cruise training and has expert level knowledge and experience to help plan your next vacation.

Why go on an Ocean Cruise?

✓ See multiple destinations, but only pack ONCE!

✓ Comes in all shapes and sizes

✓ Large variety of onboard activities

✓ Nightly entertainment - casinos, Broadway style shows...

✓ Great for multi generational families and some for adults only

✓ Smaller ships can stay in ports longer

✓ Large variety of cabin accommodations

✓ Variety of different dining venues

✓ There is a ship for every budget

✓ Fitness centers & spas


Visit our Itinerary Inspiration page to see some fabulous itineraries I selected for your next cruise adventure.


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Cruise ports are just destinations with out the excursions. Whether you want to be adventurous, just relax on a beach or go on cultural or historical sightseeing tours, excursions are a wonderful way to see the cruise port and experience the destination. 

The cruise lines often have excursions you can pre-book that will satisfy different levels of activity. You can also reserve your excursions from a third party excursion company. We work with several reputable excursion companies that are experts in the destination and provide wonderful service.