Kristianopel - a hidden gem


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Kristianopel - a hidden gem

Kristianopel, a small village with an exiting history, situatedabout 40 KM north from Karlskrona. There are small shops, restaurants and a popular cafe. Accommodation can be found at the camping ground, in the harbor, or at a Bed & Breakfast. To stroll around among the wooden houses, where the roses are heavy in the gardens, is the best way to experience Kristianopel. Feel the scents of roses and the sea. Sit down on a bench in the harbor and look out over the water where you can imagine Öland's southern point in the horizon.

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There is no end of things worth doing and seeing in Karlskona. Stroll the streets and experience the town’s modern day pulse blended with its historical spirit, a fantastic combination of past and present. The flagship of Karlskrona's attractions is The Naval museum.