Dolci Trame


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Dolci Trame

This boutique crammed with hats, scarfs, bags, apparels of all kinds is the cradle of the emerging designers and the luxury fashion of tomorrow in Italy. The shop also sells international names but its masterpieces - such as silk scarves and stilettos - are local.


When it comes to shopping, Tuscany is Italy at its finest. Boutiques overflowing with crystalware, jewels and gold pieces of art, leather or high quality Italian fabrics : the streets and towns of Tuscany would not be the same without their floating sense of exclusivity and luxury. But the region is also a constant celebration of traditional houseware, ceramics and terracotta plates, where the handmade is king. And if your heart has a stronger tilt for the pleasures of the palate, exploring the region's cities and countryside is always the occasion for wine tasting (one word: Chianti), trying some traditional pastry or marvel in the local olive oil and other natural products.