Trattoria Da Rosanna


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Trattoria Da Rosanna

One of the cheapest real quality eats of the region, Trattoria Da Rosanna seems a bit lost in its village usually forgotten by the tourists. Generous portions of homemade pasta with tasteful sauce, local wines and homemade desserts will wait for you here, at the edge of the Val d'Ombrone.


No one could plan a trip to Italy and not think about all the delicious pasta, pizza, pecorino, and everything else the Italian gastronomy has to offer. In matters of quality products and marvellous tastes, Tuscany is at the forefront when it comes to the Italian gourmet scene! Thanks to its situation between land and sea, Tuscany offers great meat and fish dishes as well as fresh vegetables, oil, wine and other products coming from its generous soil. Tuscany is also home to wonderful trattorias that are scattered around the beautiful cities and villages where to have a lovely dinner with your loved ones.