Cappadocia Short Break

02/02/2023 through 12/27/2023
02/02/2023 through 12/30/2023
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Cappadocia Short Break

Travel to Turkey and break away from the bustle of the big cities to experience the rural culture of the Cappadocia region. A series of volcanic eruptions resulted in the area being swamped in ash, which then hardened to form a porous rock. The elements carved the terrain into the odd fairy chimneys, and later the inhabitants discovered they too could carve the rocks into homes and churches. A base in Goreme allows you to easily explore Cappadocia with a local guide, so come and discover Cappadocia’s many mysteries and legends.


  • Cappadocia – Goreme Open Air Museum
  • Cappadocia – Valley walk
  • Goreme – Wine at Sunset in Cappadocia
  • Cappadocia – Kaymakli Underground City


  • Discover the out of this planet landscape of Cappadocia with its incredible fairy chimneys, troglodyte dwellings, cave churches of Goreme and Uchisar Rock Castle.
  • Visit one of Cappadocia’s most famous wineries.
  • Hike the beautiful Red Valley.
  • Explore the fascinating underground city of Kaymakli.


Day 1 Cappadocia
Day 2 Cappadocia
Day 3 Cappadocia
Day 4 Cappadocia

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