Bus and Tram Travel

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Bus and Tram Travel

Trams and buses are abundant and convenient for travel within Budapest. A single-fare ticket is valid for only one ride in one direction. Tickets are widely available in metro stations and newsstands and must be validated on board. Depending on the type of the device, you must either insert the ticket at the top, the numbers facing down and toward you, then pull the knob; or use a frontal slot with the numbers facing up and wait for the device to buzz. Alternatively, you can purchase a one-, three-, or seven-day tourist ticket or a 15-day or one-month pass (passport photo required), which allows unlimited travel on all services within the city limits. Hold on to whatever ticket you have; spot checks by aggressive officials (look for the red armbands) are numerous and often targeted at tourists. Trolley-bus stops are marked with red, rectangular signs that list the route stops; regular bus stops are marked with similar light blue signs. (The trolley buses and regular buses themselves are red and blue, respectively.) Tram stops are marked by light blue or yellow signs. Most lines run from 5 am and stop operating at 11 pm, but there is all-night service on certain key routes, the line numbers for night buses identified by white-on-black numbers. Consult the separate night-bus map posted in most metro stations for all-night service. Note that while it's possible to buy tickets directly from bus drivers, it costs more, they have no change, and you'll be holding up a grumbling line of passengers impatient to board.


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