Bistro Utkiken


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Bistro Utkiken

At the top of Bryggarberget you can enjoy a nice view, lunch buffet, luxurious bistro brunch on Saturdays, café, evening parties and various seasonal themes. (Opens August 30, 2021!)


Try the local delicacies while you are in Karlskona, which, once upon a time had a higher concentration of taverns than anywhere else in the country. The potato dumplings, called "Kroppkaka" in Swedish, herring sandwiches or a roasted rye bun called "rågskorpa", are examples of local food. Naturally, all kinds of international food are available in a town like Karlskrona as well. In Karlskrona with surroundings you can eat well with the sea as a backdrop. As well as around the big sguare, Stortorget, where many of the town’s restaurants are situated. Here you will find a selection of all restaurants in Karlskrona!