Roadside Assistance with Assistancekåren


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Roadside Assistance with Assistancekåren

Assistancekåren is a nation-wide roadside assistance organization that will help you if your vehicle break down. Assistancekåren will help you any time of the day and offers a total motor assistance: Recovery, roadside repair, oppening of locked vehicles, all hour repairs and transport. Assistancekåren works in close contact with the police, the fire department, insurance companies, regional communities etc. They also work together with corresponding organizations in Denmark, Finland, Norge and some of the Baltic countries. Assistancekåren is a member of IFRS (International Federation of Recovery Specialists), which is a union of recovery/assistance organizations from all over the world but mostly European.

Tourist Information

Easy to get to. Thanks to easy access to European motorways E6, E4 and E20, as well as great train and bus services to the town centre, getting to Ängelholm is easy, and so is finding your way around while you are here. The Ängelholm Helsingborg Airport is 7 km away from the town centre and currently offers both domestic and international flights.