On any day, our 310-guest flagship, Wind Surf, draws admiring glances as she glides majestically into port with her tall sails billowing. And her beauty is far more than skin deep. Starting with all new finishes and furnishings in suites and staterooms, Wind Surf renovation now brings you some of the most beautiful public spaces at sea. Everything about Wind Surf speaks of welcome. Come aboard and see it for yourself.
Starting at $5199.00+
Immerse in a wellness-inspired cultural journey to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, discovering enduring traditions and activities that promote well-being. Experiences include Siem Reap by bicycle, a Laotian-inspired spa treatment, alms giving and waterfall meditation in Luang Prabang, an A&K Philanthropy-supported visit to a local village and a luxurious stay on private Krabey Island.
Starting at $8995.00+
Experience the mystical beauty, harmony and sacred rituals of the Incas on a wellness-inspired cultural journey to Peru. Experiences include guided hiking in Machu Pichu, a shamen-led payment to the earth ceremony in the Sacred Valley, an afternoon farmstead visit, kayaking Huaypo Lagoon, a restorative spa treatment, traditional medicine talks with local experts, and a visit to an A&K Philanthropy-supported school.
Starting at $7395.00+
Discover cultural traditions and inspiring conservation efforts on a wellness-inspired safari through the vast Masai Mara and Tsavo National Park. Experiences include game drives with A&K driver guides, sunrise yoga, a rejuvenating spa treatment, a conservation-focused visit to an elephant orphanage, a guided hike in the Chylulu Hills, the chance to run with members of the Maasai and a visit to an A&K Philanthropy-supported school.
Starting at $10995.00+
Embrace the soul of intoxicating India on a wellness-inspired cultural journey connecting you to the unique spirit and cultures of the Golden Triangle, Rajasthan and Varanasi. Experiences include guided meditation and bicycling in Udaipur, a private consultation with an ayurvedic doctor and a spa treatment in Rajasthan, an A&K-Philanthropy-supported visit to a residential school and partaking in an ancestor’s ceremony on the sacred Ganges River.
Starting at $9995.00+