If you missed Prenzlauer Berg’s heyday, you can still get a good feel for its raw charm and creative flair if you head to ultrahip Neukölln. Just southeast of Kreuzberg below the Landwehrkanal, Neukölln was an impoverished, gritty West Berlin neighborhood until the hip crowd discovered it a few years ago. It's since been almost completely transformed. Makeshift bars-galleries brighten up semi-abandoned storefronts, and vintage café or breakfast spots put a new twist on old concepts. Everything has a salvaged feel, and the crowds are young and savvy. If you’re looking for nightlife, there are bars galore.


Museum Neukölln

Every Berlin neighborhood has a Heimatmuseum, which literally translates as “homeland museum” and which acts as a repository for local…

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Back when this part of Neukölln was a Bohemian village, Richardplatz was its center, and today the square appears virtually…

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Stadtbad Neukölln

In a city dotted with lakes, pools, and thermal baths, this is one of the most attractive public bathing spots,…

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