King's Cross

What a difference a decade makes! Until recently, King's Cross was a byword for sleaze and street crime, but after a multibillion-pound redevelopment—actually, make that transformation—it's become a lively new urban quarter. On what was once postindustrial wasteland and railroad yards, the 67-acre site is now home to bars, restaurants, street-food vendors, and shops. What's more, with the capital's premier art college, the University of the Arts in London, having relocated to Granary Square, alongside a raft of cultural venues, this former urban black spot now has a certain air of artistic credibility about it, too. If all that weren't enough, by courtesy of the Regent's Canal, this bustling quarter even has the occasional splendid oasis of calm as well.


Granary Square

The heart of the new King's Cross, Granary Square is London's liveliest open space. Pride of place is given to…

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Camley Street Natural Park

These 2 acres of splendid calm are bang in the middle of the King's Cross hustle and bustle. This urban…

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